Cockroach Species File

Mission statement

The Cockroach Species File works to build a comprehensive source for knowledge about the world’s cockroaches. Information found here includes valid names, synonyms, bibliographic data, specimen data, images, and distributions for cockroaches of the world. Our site seeks to include and serve researchers in taxonomy, systematics, ecology, ethology, conservation, and evolution, as well as educators, policy makers, and citizen scientists.

Copyright G. W. Beccaloni
Lucihormetica fenestrata
Copyright Josef Dvořák
Eucorydia sp.
Copyright G. W. Beccaloni
Elliptorhina javanica
Copyright Josef Dvořák
Capucina sp.
Copyright Thierry Garcia
Melyroidea magnifica
Copyright Stephane Brouard
Periplaneta americana
Copyright G. W. Beccaloni
Ectobius lapponicus
Copyright Josef Dvořák
Polyzosteria mitchelli
Copyright Gernot Kunz
Prosoplecta semperi
Copyright Josef Dvořák
Caeparia sp.


Try searching for species Blattella infuscata, or start your exploration at Genus Blattella, or Family Blattellidae.

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Sept. 15, 2023: Welcome to our new Cockroach Species File Website

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